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– Lucretia Gilbert

Chief Development Officer

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

New York City

The COVID pandemic forced the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) to quickly pivot our plans from an in-person event for 1,000+ guests to an engaging, mission-driven, virtual experience. The E2M team worked closely with us to ensure we were meeting our goals, while being mindful of the end user experience. Their professionalism, responsiveness, and flexibility was second-to-none. We’re so fortunate to have a partner like them, particularly as we ventured into new virtual event territory.

Key Modules

Live Video Roundtable
Live Session Broadcast
Simulated Live for Pre-
Recorded Video
On-Demand Session
Virtual Trade-show and Exhibitor Pavillion
1-1 Video with Attendees and Exhibitors
Meeting Module
Personalized Agenda

Live Video Roundtable

Breakout sessions for upto 10 people. Attendees join preassigned or by choice. Let conversations flow or let an expert take control of the conversation. Encourages networking serendipity - let people discover new connections.

Live Session Broadcast

One-to-many live broadcast sessions where a keynote speaker can share his thoughts with hundreds of attendees. Variable bitrate connection that ensure smooth videos even on low bandwidth.

Simulated Live for Pre-Recorded Video

  • Stream Pre-recorded videos as Live Telecast
  • Simultaneously to  Event App /  Event Website
  • Also Facebook and Youtube
  • Better control what you present
  • Re-use existing content
  • Planet-scale RTMP streaming server with HLS
    output for multiple devices . Go live with a pre-
    recorded video OR Live event feed

On-Demand Session Videos

Video resolution auto adjusts depending on end-user connection, going up to full HD 1080p. Keep your event going for as long as you want. Entire events can be made on demand on your website, creating events that visitors can experience at any time.

Live Video Roundtable

Generate more leads by hosting Virtual Trade Shows and promoting your products & services. These allow attendees to visit Virtual Booths, sign up for digital sales & marketing collateral, Schedule call back and even live video chat with exhibitor sales personnel.

1-1 Video with Attendees and Exhibitors

One-to-One video conference between any active attendee or between an attendee and an exhibitor. Includes video, voice and screen sharing.

Meeting Module

Help attendees network at your virtual event with the intelligent Meeting Module. Attendees are auto-matched based on preference, and event managers get detailed analytics and insights.

Personalized Agenda

Let attendees create their own personalized event agenda by adding bookmarks as well as sessions and meetings directly to their calendars. A more convenient and organized event experience equals happier attendees!

Integration integrates seamlessly with existing enterprise ecosystems, ensuring there are no hiccups in workflow and data management.