4 “Wow” App Features for Customer Success Events in 2020

What is the ROI of a customer success event?

When we posed this question to OUR technology customers, the most popular response seemed to be “Customer Happiness”

After all, the purpose of these events is to educate and inform customers and prospects, sure, but also wow them. Send them home happy.

Technology companies are especially reliant on customer events, due to the need for education and training that are a big part of their products. This also means that attendees are experienced conference-goers, and not easy to wow. It needs a combination of quality of life features and pizzazz to stand out and add to their conference experience.

Sure, the event app is only a part of the event experience, but considering it’s the event guide, brochure and concierge rolled into one, it’s a crucial part. As the event app partner for some of the world’s biggest technology companies (Sitecore, Arrow Electronics, ASM Technologies #namedrop), here’s what we have added to the e2m.live enterprise app to truly wow customers in 2020.

Customization is King

A truly personalized event experience

This one’s a no-brainer. Attendees have different needs, and they want the valuable home-screen real estate to serve their purposes and not be an inflexible list of icons. Custom home screens make it easy for attendees to shape the app the way they see fit.

E2m.live also has a customizable agenda feature so that attendees can take complete control of their event experience. Rather than committing to memory the tracks and events they want to attend, they can create their own agenda within the app itself – ensuring they get the most out of it.

A Really Smart Chatbot

Conversations > Menu hunting

It is 2020. There’s no need to sell anyone on the benefits of chatbots anymore. Most tech companies have already incorporated chatbots into their event experience, or are primed to do so. However, event apps that come with a chatbot baked in provide an extra layer of convenience, because not only do they answer basic queries, but also allow users to navigate the app almost entirely through an easy, conversational interface

However, a basic chatbot that understands limited conversation strings and responds with cookie-cutter responses doesn’t cut it. It needs to understand natural language queries and respond with personality. It needs to understand the context. Maybe even banter a little. The e2m event chatbot is trained to respond to hundreds and thousands of combinations of queries, and can even talk shop with event attendees if they want to.


Because events should be fun

It’s no secret that gamification encourages people to act. By gamifying specific event activities, event organizers can ensure better engagement, more audience energy, and yes, even better information retention. It’s one of those gifts that keep on giving, and your event app should support all your gamification activities.

With leaderboards, QR code scanners and other built-in gamification features, e2m.live makes it easy for event organizers to add gamification to their events. In fact, these have been some of the most consistently popular features of our event app.

Augmented Reality (AR)
AR in Event Gamification

Still Turns Heads

AR has been around in some form or the other for over ten years now, but done well, it can still impress. Incorporating AR into the event app frees it from the bulky headsets and glasses that AR is traditionally associated with, without sacrificing the benefits.
Because of how AR layers graphics over real-world objects, it has a wide range of applications – from the sternly practical to the downright impressive. It can be used to create complex interactive experiences showcasing products and features, help attendees to the bathroom with virtual guided paths, or provide attendees an easy way to access product catalogs. The implementation is only limited by imagination.

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