Case Study- How Enhanced Engagement at an Enterprise Event with 350,000 Attendees

About Elecrama 2020

ELECRAMA is the largest congregation of industries and stakeholders associated with the power sector to showcase the ecosystem of the Indian Electrical Industry.

Elecrama 2020 was a mega event held from 18th to 22nd January 2020 in New Delhi to discuss energy transition, futuristic technology, innovation and new trends as well as to find cost-effective solutions for the world. The event organizers were the members of IEEMA or Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers’ Association.


Apart from being a global platform for exhibition of electrical and electronic equipment, Elecrama 2020 was a medium to exchange knowledge between industry experts. If knowledge exchange sessions are dull, attendees hardly have the interest to participate. Hence, event organizers wanted to enhance attendee engagement.

How we fulfilled the requirement

We used the Audience Response System (ARS) of Sponsors used ARS to create and manage surveys about the experiences and opinions of attendees. Sponsors could also customize survey form designs as per requirements.

Apart from ARS, also implemented interactive floor maps to guide participants to different prominent locations like session halls, booths, food courts, parking lots, etc. Interactive floor maps made it easy for attendees to find their way, and enhanced their event experience.


More than 1250 exhibitors participated in Elecrama 2020. The number of international exhibitors was more than 250. Naturally, it was important to give exhibitors a simple method to collect contact details of booth visitors. Also, data collection process needed strict compliance with the policies of data privacy. The organizers needed a simple, efficient method through which exhibitors could collect relevant attendee data.

How we fulfilled the requirement is a boutique event app that has been built from the ground up to cater to B2B enterprise companies. We adhere to the strictest data security standards, and ensured every compliance requirement was met. To make it easy for exhibitors to collect the data, we implemented a scanner into the app that exhibitors could use to scan attendee badges, which would automatically collect their data.


Participants from 100 countries met at Elecrama 2020. Since footfall was expected to reach tens of thousands, the organizers wanted to use mobile integration to simplify the attendee registration process.

How we fulfilled the requirement

We used e2m mobile-first registration (e2m reg) module of enterprise event and conference app suite. By using the product, users can register from their mobile devices, anytime, anywhere. e2m reg ensures a seamless and responsive registration experience for users across mobile platforms and connected devices.

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