e2m.live : 8 Evolutions in 2019

In 2019, e2m.live was used in more than 200 global events in cities like California, Madrid, Berlin, Nashville, etc; covering a broad spectrum of industries like pharmaceuticals, electronics, trade shows & expos, etc. Throughout the year, new features were introduced to meet enterprise client expectations and delight and engage attendees.

Before we go into 2020, it’s interesting to take a look at the 8 major changes made to the e2m enterprise event app.

Global Session Search
Generic k/w Search

The global session search feature allows attendees to search for any specific keyword within all the sessions in all the days of the event.

Instead of having to go through each individual day, attendees can simply key in the search term and be presented with all options over the course of the event.

Attendee Status

Color Indicators

The attendee status feature allows visitors to see the status of all attendees attending the event (unless the attendees have opted out).

When they are logged in, a green dot would denote that. Those who are still not logged in will be denoted by grey. The newly introduced color schemes ease identification of the status of the attendee.

New Custom Home Screen Layout
Custom Home Screen Layout

The e2m enterprise event app comes with a cauldron full of features and options. However, every single option is not meant for every attendee. We realized that in this era of personalization, attendees do not want the same experience over and over again.

This feature allows attendees to change their home screen layout to ensure that they only add the features which they need the most. This enhances the app experience because it means that attendees don’t have to swipe through menus and sub-menus to reach the feature which they want.

Group Messaging-Image & Video Support
Text, Image and Video Messaging

In the age of social messaging, this was one change that we had to incorporate in the e2m event app.

In 2019 we made the necessary changes where attendees can create new groups directly from the CMS and send out messages. Last but not the least, it’s for the first time images and videos are also supported in this group messaging feature.

Custom Sorting – Attendee & Speaker
Custom Filter Option

In this era of customization, we wanted to enhance the user experience of event attendees; thus we introduced the “Custom Sorting” feature.

The feature helps attendees to create a custom list of speakers and attendees as every attendee might not be interested in attending all speaker sessions or knowing the details of all present attendees.

Privacy Settings
Secure Privacy Settings

To make our app users feel more secure, we revamped and updated the e2m enterprise event app with the cutting-edge “Privacy Settings”. Under this feature, you will find three options to customize the settings. They are:

Display me in attendee list:
Here once the setting is enabled, the attendee will appear in the attendee listing inside the app.

Display my email:
Here once the setting is enabled, the attendee’s email address will be displayed in his or her profile.

Allow others to message me:

Here once the setting is enabled, it will allow other attendees to message a particular attendee.

Category Option in Sessions
Session Categories

We realized that attendees need to categorize the sessions which they would attend and made the necessary changes to the app.

The change helps attendees to categorize respective sessions by enabling the list of categories.

Improved Helpdesk and Knowledge Base

Have you checked out the all-new helpdesk and knowledge base in the e2m enterprise event app? Do have a look and see how easy it is now to search for topics and FAQs.

Apart from just searching for solutions to your app-using queries, you can also “Join the Community” and can be part of ongoing topics and discussions.

Do let us know what you feel about these new features. Don’t forget to add how we can make the e2m enterprise event app more user-friendly and useful.

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