10 Reasons to Graduate from Zoom Webinar to Zoom Virtual Events

While Zoom is an amazing platform for one-off training or knowledge sharing. A virtual event is a much more complex affair and needs a specialized platform like e2m OnAir.

With e2m, you can integrate Zoom into your virtual event, so that you can graduate from Zoom webinar to large-scale Zoom Virtual Events.

Single Session vs. Multi-session, Multi-day Perspective

Standalone Zoom webinar is convenient for single knowledge sharing sessions. However, for multi-day events, separate joining links are to be sent to attendees for each session.

A Zoom virtual event powered by e2m OnAir provides single sign-in for a seamless experience. Attendees can choose to sign in for just one time to attend multi-day events. No hassle to send separate joining links to attendees.

Mixing Advanced Web + Zoom Options

While standalone Zoom webinars have limited branding capabilities, Zoom Virtual Events by e2m are hosted on the web, which provides many more branding options. This ensures your events get the best of both worlds.

Designer Lobby

Standalone Zoom webinars come with a basic Zoom interface with limited customization or branding options.

However, Zoom Virtual Event by e2m offers a fully branded lobby with customized banners, logos, colours and fonts. This increases brand visibility and puts sponsors in front of attendees with branded virtual booths, check-in pages, session backgrounds and sponsor pages.

Use of Virtual Round Tables

Multiple round tables cannot be hosted in a single Zoom webinar session.

For large-scale events, e2m offers 1,000 person round tables. Attendees can join between sessions and have the ability to hop-in and out of open round tables. Attendees can also be pre-assigned to specific round tables. Companies can have a celebrity guest or an influencer to host a round table that can provide premium access to, creating new revenue opportunities.

Virtual Expo Floor

While standalone Zoom webinars don’t come with expo floors, e2m offers interactive 2.5D virtual show floors where visitors can explore, locate specific booths, collect marketing collateral, watch pre-recorded videos and initiate or schedule a conversation with an exhibitor.

1-1 Meetings – Pre-booked or Serendipity

Zoom meetings can have a limited number of view-only participants. Also, there’s no scope for serendipity as attendees don’t know who else is attending.

e2m OnAir offers one-to-one conversations for up to 1,000 attendees and lets them initiate instant video meetings or schedule calls based on their preferred timing. It also facilitates networking serendipity where attendees can connect with strangers and initiate random 1-1 video meetings with each other.

Adding Pre-recorded Streaming to the Mix

Standalone Zoom webinars offer limited sharing capabilities for pre-recorded content. Also, they don’t offer any embedding options to stream on websites.

On the other hand, e2m OnAir offers the ability to schedule pre-recorded content for audiences across different time zones and telecast simultaneously on event apps, websites, YouTube and Facebook Live.

Hybrid – Powering In-person and Virtual Experience at the Same Time

Standalone Zoom webinars for hybrid events may not be cost effective. Works for small webinars, doesn’t support large conferences with 500+ attendees.

Zoom Virtual Event by e2m combines the best of both online and offline. For exhibitors and sponsors the reach of a hybrid event extends far beyond any geographical limitations, giving them the best possible reach and engagement.

Virtual Attendee and Speaker Profiles

Standalone Zoom Webinar offers basic speaker profiles and no attendee profiles.

Zoom Virtual Event by e2m offers a detailed overview of attendee and speaker profiles with their social profiles, the badges they have earned and also the ability to schedule a 1-1 video meeting. Attendees can also directly join speaker sessions using the “Join Session” button from a speaker’s profile.

ZOOM API – Seamless Shared Licensing

Zoom virtual events by e2m offers automatic licensing and provisioning via Zoom API integration. So, no manual Zoom links need to be generated and distributed. In addition to that, the platform also comes with Hybrid RTMP Streaming capabilities which allows Speakers to be on Zoom and attendees on e2m and other social sites. Zoom SDK plays a crucial role for a seamless web experience.

About e2m:

e2m.live is the leading video-first virtual event platform for medium-scale and Fortune 500 companies. It’s used by Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits and the largest associations for their internal and external events, conferences and trade shows.

e2m is trusted by leading brands like The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, LGT, The International Trade Centre, Singapore Summit, Freshfields, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, vmware, ApacMed, Pizza Hut and PwC and many others to host their virtual and hybrid events.

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