6 Advantages of Hosting a Virtual Fundraiser

Virtual platforms were in their baby stage just a few years ago. In a very short time, their growth has been tremendously high. Initially, the utilization of a virtual platform was introduced as a temporary fix but it surprisingly turned out to be a more efficient solution in more ways than one. Today we’ll be taking a look at the specific scope of fundraisers. While it may sound a bit odd, opting for a virtual route for your fundraiser events can actually be a rather beneficial proposition for you as an organizer. So, let’s dive in.

The 6 Key Advantages of Hosting a Virtual fundraiser:

  1. Larger Audience & Better Engagement
  2. Drastically lesser expenditure
  3. As to the point as things get
  4. They are not time-bound
  5. Data Collection and Report Automation
  6. Stay in touch with your attendees till the end

1. Larger Audience and Better Engagement

In the case of a conventional fundraiser event, you are bound to several conditions when it comes to the total audience you can host. Various conditions such as how big your auditorium is, the geographical proximity etc. will make a definable impact on how many people will be able to attend your function.

However, in the case of a virtual gala, physical restrictions are virtually non-existent. All your participants will require to join a virtual gala is an internet connection. Application or website platforms work seamlessly both on computers as well as mobile phones these days so the limitations of a device are a thing of the past.

2. Drastically Less Expenditure

A conventional event requires a significant amount of upfront expenditure that will cover the cost of the venue you will rent, the various staff you will have to hire, and even the maintenance expenditure. With a virtual gala, you will not have to spend anything for either of the three high-priced expenditures listed above.

You will only have to make an investment in a professional team to handle the videography duties. In fact, even that can be avoided if your own staff are capable enough to perform those tasks. You need not even invest a lot in equipment as modern-day mobile phones and even non-professional cameras have evolved greatly and are very capable in the current times.

3. As To-The-Point as things get

A conventional gala is not a short event. The presence of various elements like cocktail sessions, entertainment programs, dinner and so can definitely make them last several hours before the core fundraising activities even begin. On the other hand, a virtual gala follows a short and sweet format.

The ideal length for a virtual fundraiser should be 30 minutes or max to max within 45 provided you are able to keep your audience engaged effectively. Due to its more compact duration, your virtual fundraiser will have a very to the point message which is a very ideal format for the fast-paced times we currently live in.

This will also increase the possibility of better participation strength as they might find it easier to squeeze in 30-40 minutes into their schedule rather than 4-5 hours.

4. They are not Time-Bound

Normally a fundraiser event would be preferably held on a weekend or a Friday evening keeping in mind the participants’ work schedules. Thus, you will have to thoroughly plan out a lot of things beforehand such as the availability of the venue for that selective duration.

A virtual fundraiser is not time-bound by any means whatsoever. You can host your event when you deem it more comfortable based on your requirements. You can also run through your analytics or perform surveys to find out what time your participants would be most comfortable with.

5. Data Collection and Report Automation

A very useful utility you get with a virtual fundraiser platform comes in the form of valuable data. With the wide analytical capabilities of digital platforms, you can set multiple data recording points that will capture your participants’ information. An example can be at the registration screen where you can utilize the contact information such as the email ID or phone number for remarketing purposes.

You need not manually enter this data into a spreadsheet or maintain a database, the system will have the innate capabilities to perform these tasks automatically. You can even draw useful analytics from the data you collect such as their preferred device or most active hours. Further, a virtual platform will also allow you to automate your receipt and report process.

In case someone has made a donation, their records will automatically be stored in your database and you can also program a method to directly send them a receipt of the same. This allows for a better system and completely eliminates the possibility of errors that could otherwise occur with a manual process.

6. Better Communication with your Attendees

One of the most underrated aspects of a virtual fundraiser is the fact that you can maintain long-lasting communication with your attendees. Unlike a live event where you may not have a proper method to record the feedback they would want to give, you can incorporate all these components very easily with a virtual fundraiser.

You can have a dedicated section for your attendees to submit feedback, you can keep track of all the comments they post during the event and the best part is that you can maintain a detailed record of the individual feedback sent by all your attendees.

You can also make things simpler for them and incorporate polls instead of having them type out long blocks of text. Lastly, you can also thoroughly follow up with them through the entire event and all the way up to the point till they make their donations successfully.

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