7 Quick ways e2m.live is Different from Other Virtual Exhibitions

e2m.live as a leading virtual event company would like to answer how e2m.live is different from other virtual exhibitions. We will tell you why our clients love working with us.

Generally, we at e2m.live help companies and event managers to go digital with their events. They include a variety of formats of live panels, live streaming, on-demand video, keynotes, and virtual exhibitions. Moving on, we would take you through how we are different from webinar tools, meetings, conference software, and other virtual exhibitions that are present in the market.

1. Start with virtual events that have been very successful

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the physical event planning industry is struggling to function safely and effectively which makes it essential for virtual event exhibitions to take the front seat.  

We’ve mentioned in our ultimate guide to virtual event planning how to be successful in virtual event planning and strategies that have to be given utmost importance. There are many virtual event planners out there. Now, it is your choice to choose which would be the most suitable and seamless to incorporate in your events.

At e2m, we endeavor our clients a virtual exhibition to convey their stories in corporate events using mobility to enhance learning, deliver productivity, and increase engagement. Let us tour you through the 7 quick ways how e2m live is different from other virtual event exhibitions.

Providing Advanced Live Session Broadcast:

Do you want to reinvigorate everything that makes an in-person event amazing? Then you should unquestionably try e2m.live session Broadcast.

This has been specifically designed to fulcrum the hi-definition videos which are 1080p resolution in order to reassure your sessions to unveil to hundreds and thousands of attendees across the globe extremely seamless and with zero disruption.

Click on the link to try today: https://e2m.live/session-broadcast-video

However, e2m OnAir uses variable bit-rate technology which promises a smooth frame rate even on low bandwidth connections. With our best browser-based experience, your attendees can choose their preferred browser to log in and attend as there is no requirement to download.

During the sessions, attendees would like to ask questions to the speakers. The integrated Chat and Q&A feature enable users to add comments, vote for their favorite questions, etc which errands the engagement going on. This makes our advanced live session broadcast the best in the market out there.

Gain Edge and Control over Live Session experience with Simulated Live for Pre- Recorded  Video:

Relax during the actual event as e2m.live ensures your content to be perfect before you go live. Get that edge and control with our simulated Live- streaming which has an unexceptional control over your content with zeroed accidents and interruptions. It is as simple as 1-2-3.

1 – Select the video and upload it.

2 – Set the time and date and

3 – Stream the session live.

Reuse your existing content so that your attendees can view product collaterals, download them, and send them to their inbox. You can also stream on your website and your social media on your virtual booth simultaneously with multi-channel streaming.

Schedule so that you can provide all your sessions as live streams, irrespective of technical or resource limitations, and gain more attendance and more engagement. Also, it aids you to focus on other event responsibilities.

You can schedule videos of up to 24 hours in length, stream up to 30 days in advance, set your live stream to run in a loop if you desire to. Interesting yet extremely beneficial feature right!  Your recorded videos will be stored in e2m.lives’ secure cloud-based servers.

As the entire system runs in the cloud, there is no installation that is required. This is the icing on the cake! All of this is possible only in our e2m OnAir.

We help you generate more Leads with Virtual Trade-show and exhibitor Pavilion:

Watch pre-recorded videos, accumulate marketing collateral, start a conversation with an exhibitor with our custom 2.5D Lobby page. Product Col laterals enables attendees to view them, download them, and send them to their inbox from a virtual booth.

On the other hand, 1-1 Visitor video calls lets attendees speak to exhibitors from the virtual booth with live video calls. Also, they can schedule an appointment with the exhibitor according to their favorable time/ date/ day, etc to get their queries resolved.

e2m has an optional Plugin i.e ZOE, an AI-based 2- way email engine that helps read and understand responses and stimulate constant follow-ups. This has a specific agenda that drives registrations for both events and the booth.

e2m OnAir connects your attendees with ease and allows numerous rooms to be discovered :

Also known as Virtual Breakout rooms, we have incorporated spaces for up to 6-8 people to interact inside the virtual event space. Its activities are very similar to that of an in-person event. We actively make it possible to encourage higher engagement and in-depth takeaways for your attendees.

e2m OnAir Virtual roundtable assists in insights, collaboration, and building relationships in-between attendees. They can interact without any restrictions, making memorable experiences, and offering the freedom to network. Make conversations, share digital business cards, move effortlessly from table to table, or even connect with the help of integrated social media channels.

We have made it easy for your attendees to explore the contacts they were looking for! For the sake of organizers’ convenience, we have enabled the organizers the option to assign in advance roundtables to the attendees. It will be based on details like topics of interest, industry, seniority, etc. Post setting up the roundtable screen, attendees can pick a roundtable similar and familiar to their interest and join the conversation. Apart from that, attendees can discover all the tables. This is how e2m OnAir makes Virtual event organizing effective and user friendly.

Paving a clearer and effective path for networking:

We at e2m.live, have designed a competent feature wherein attendees can arrange meetings from the app with their fellow attendees. It aids in foreseeing in-depth analytics of meetings scheduled by the attendees.

Community building also gains acceleration. The setting up of a meeting process is crisp. The networking preferences feature enables attendees to auto-match based on their preferences and commences meetings if they agree mutually.

Meanwhile, you can get a clear idea of the performance of the ongoing event in real-time with detailed analytics. Request for a free demo today for this experience.

The Advantage of On-Demand Session Videos:

Want to keep your event going for a longer time frame? We are here with a perfect solution. Total events can be molded on-demand on your website which adeptly creates events that visitors can experience at any time.

These are a secondary revenue stream for organizers as with on-demand videos, attendees who were not able to be present for the live event can register for an on-demand experience. This eventually becomes your event showcase which can loop in future prospects, sponsors, and speakers.

We allow this by letting them log in and enjoy the event as it has taken place. Here, organizers can design their events on-demand to attendees for a particular time or for everlasting. You can also restrict access with the help of passwords. This is a bonus as it creates higher interest for upcoming events, a rise in new attendees, and an asset for new income.  

The privilege of starting a personal video conference:

From the attendees who are active, organizers have an opportunity to select one attendee and commence a personal video conference. This opens a doorway towards the spot connects and makes networking water-like.

This can happen simply by selecting the video conferencing button from the attendee’s profile. Just a single click on the browser or via the app and you are good to go for a personal video conference. You can additionally share a presentation or present a video playing on your screen with the screen sharing feature.

e2m OnAir supports cloud recording which indeed helps the participants to record conversation videos on their personal devices. The conference does not have a time limit. And when a recipient is unable to attend a call, a notification is automated to that individual’s chat window. This steals the deal for any virtually hosted event and organizers.

For a much more in-depth discussion on this topic, check out our webinar on the subject right here.

If you are planning to host your sales kick-off event and need a virtual boutique platform for the same, do visit us at e2m.live, schedule a meeting, and we’ll get back to you.

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