Case Study – How e2m OnAir Helped BNI Cochin Pivot to Virtual Events

The Challenge

BNI is a global networking organization with more than 2,5000 members in over 8,900 local chapters worldwide. BNI Cochin, one of the chapters from BNI has been hosting their award ceremonies every year.

The 2020 edition of the BNI Cochin Regional Awards & Business Conclave 2020 was naturally affected by the ongoing global pandemic. However, for a networking organisation like BNI, events are crucial as they allow members to interact and meet with each other face to face.

In-person events being out of the question, the organisers needed a stable, secure virtual event platform that would do more than just allow them to host sessions – it would come with a suite of networking features.

The Solution

The built-in networking capabilities of e2m OnAir were a crucial reason why BNI selected to use it for their event. With little time in hand, the e2m OnAir team worked quickly to create a virtual event platform specifically for the event. In less than 3 weeks, the platform was built, tested and deployed with the following features.

  • A Virtual Lobby that the attendees would see right after they signed in. The lobby simulated the look and feel of an event floor, with clear signage for attendees to click through to various parts of the event. The day’s itinerary was also prominently displayed here.
  • Live Video Roundtables were implemented where attendees could freely network with each other. Some tables were headed by special guests like Ashish Vidyarthi (Actor, Motivational Speaker)
  • During the sessions, attendees could interact with speakers through the Integrated Chat and Q&A Module. This created an interactive learning experience.
  • Pre-recorded videos could be played live, letting speakers record their speeches without any risk of interruptions due to internet outages etc. This kept the excitement of a live session while eliminating risk.

The Outcome

More than 900 attendees, including 23 speakers and 21 exhibitors, could log in, network, and enjoy the event on the virtual platform. This enabled the organisers not just to endure through a global health crisis, but also showcased how future events could be organised to make them accessible to attendees who could not be physically present at the event.

Partnering with e2m OnAir, BNI was able to extend its reach and communicate more frequently and more effectively with their members throughout the event.

Let’s talk about how e2m OnAir can help you host better virtual events. Click here to set up a quick call with us at a convenient time. See you soon.

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