Case Study – How e2m OnAir helped Greenwood High International School to drive engagement at Millennium 2020

Background & Challenge

Greenwood High International School is the only international school in Bangalore, India. A recipient of prestigious awards like the Parents Choice Award 2019, India School Merit Awards 2017 and more, the school recently hosted Millenium 2020 – an intra-school virtual event was targeted to students, parents, and teachers.

The objective of the the event was to have successful professionals interact with students to students could learn from their experiences. However, the challenge was to engage attendees with the speakers even during this time of social-distancing.


e2m OnAir is a video-first virtual event platform that uses variable bitrate technology to ensure a smooth video experience. It’s also simple to use, as it runs on a browser, and does not require any software download. This made it ideal for such an event, where attendees were mostly students and professionals from various industries.

Live Sessions:

e2m OnAir offered a traditional conferencing model in a virtual format for attendees and speakers to engage. With no upper cap on the number of attendees, the platform assured seamless and uninterrupted browser-based experience with integrated live chat and Q&A.

Roundtables (Breakout Rooms):

Virtual roundtables were successfully implemented to connect attendees over a virtual table with other attendees and/or speakers. To book a seat in one of the roundtables, attendees had to email the organizers mentioning which speaker’s table they want to join and the reason behind it.

Live Chat Support:

We provided live chat support throughout the event for attendees and organizers who needed assistance navigating the platform.


Almost 350 attendees registered for the event, and the event was conducted successfully. Attendees found the platform simple and intuitive to use. However, the most important success metric was probably that e2m OnAir allowed Greenwood to host a packed event while maintaining social distancing norms simply by going virtual and video-first.

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