e2m.live Town Hall 2021 – From Virtual to In-Person Events

On 24th September 2021, e2m.live celebrated the homecoming of in-person events with the annual Town Hall 2021. Amidst the debate of whether the trend of hybrid events will stay or fade away with time, the in-person event of our team was a real icebreaker.

The “return to normal” continues to run with COVID protocols, and with adequate virtual components. The mission of the event was to bring the teams together, to energize the vibes, and to upsize the organization’s goal of reaching out to more people.

The return of in-person events:
The industry could sense the return of in-person events for quite a while now. But whether or not these events would be of pre-pandemic levels, that’s yet to be explored. With virtual components still a major part of many events, the chances of hosting hybrid events are high in the days ahead.

But we had been missing the fun of being with our team. So, the Town Hall 2021 was crucial. We caught up with our colleagues, participated in several fun activities, networked, and shared our individual goals for the company. The energy and engagement was unbeaten that this in-person event brought along.

Lots of positive energy and energetic vibes

The event opened with a motivational session by Mr. Prasenjit Gupta who shared the Secrets of High Performance. Tips for effective communication, and practical tools to declutter the mind and focus on work were the main topics. There were team building activities and various fun games for everyone to participate. The event was hosted by Anchor Rush who induced positive vibes in the ambiance.

Many team members were accompanied by their family members including kids. They also participated in games and activities enjoying the event to the fullest. The goal of the session was to break the ice and to bring the energy back after a prolonged work-from-home stretch.

Presentations by the Teams

The talented teams showcased their teamwork and shared their individual goals. The common mission was to grow as a team and to let the brand grow in the industry. Each one shared what they learned and how they track their growth, irrespective of whether they are here more than decades or for a few years.

The icing on the cake was when Mr. Siddharth Jhunjhunwala, the CEO of e2m.live and Web Spiders Group, encouraged the teams and individuals with motivational words. He also said, “It’s a day for bonding and reshaping each other. The central theme is that you cannot succeed without each other. It’s mutual respect to understand that your kitchen runs because of your colleagues. After all, it is a team game.”

The talent hub

To top it all, Town Hall 2021 witnessed some cool performances towards the end of the event. Few talented team members were worth two thumbs up for their dance and music performance.

The event ended with a group photoshoot session (even though we had only part of the teams available that day), and the distribution of mementos. The motive of the event was well met with a positive kick-off and a comfortable audience.

Is it time to welcome back in-person events?

Well, it is way too early to conclude if in-person events will be back just as it was during the pre-pandemic era. Even if hybrid events seem to rule the center stage of event management in the days ahead, in-person events too will make their own sweet comeback with definite protocols. While hybrid events do save time and money to travel and accommodate a bigger audience, the energy that an in-person event brings in is undebatable.

No matter if it’s an in-person event or a virtual one, we give a shout-out for events = mc² aka an immense source of energy for bonding, learning, networking, getting new businesses, and establishing culture with old and new employees.

If you are planning to host a Town Hall or an in-person event, get in touch with us at e2m.live – a full suite of event software including apps, virtual platform and registration that allows organizations to host events successfully.

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