How to Create and Implement A Perfect Virtual Sales Kick-off?

In the middle of the world-wide pandemic and stay-at-home orders, several organizations are facing the challenge of organizing their sales kick-offs at the moment. If you are also planning a sales kick-off event, some questions may come to your mind.

  • How can we motivate the sales representatives to attend the sessions?
  • How can we facilitate networking and help sales reps have meaningful conversations with their peers?
  • How are we going to track the event engagement?

With the help of a virtual event platform, you can host your engaging sales kick-off event. The experience is no less than an in-person event. Many event professionals are adopting the new trend and streaming their kick-off events. With a virtual platform, sales kick-off events can offer a rich environment that the audience chooses to participate in.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the tips of delivering a successful virtual sales kickoff.

Use Leadership Lounges

Sales executives hardly get a chance to have a 1:1 meeting with the upper echelons of the organization. The roundtable feature makes it easy for the executives or leaders to find the contacts they need. They can move freely from one table to another during the session. The executives get a fair chance to meet some of the managers or CEO during the event and share business ideas. Leaders can also provide their mentorship and advice.

Interact Through Breakout Sessions

Sales representatives can indulge in a constructive discussion with their peers with the open roundtable. A person working at a different location can easily come in contact with others. He/she can always share experiences and successful approaches towards sales goals.

Explore Customized 2.5D Virtual Booths

Sales reps can explore booths, collect marketing collaterals, watch pre-recorded videos, and initiate a conversation with booth staff at our virtual exhibitor pavilion. They can schedule a call back for a later discussion or strike a conversation with the exhibitors via live video calls from the virtual booths.

Participate In Live Award Ceremonies

You can always stream pre-recorded video of an award ceremony with our simulated live feature during a live session. The adaptive bitrate technology makes the session streaming smooth with no interruptions. The host can always let the key team members speak during the particular session.

Set Up A Virtual Lobby

You can customize your 2.5D event lobby page. The lobby can simulate an event floor’s look and feel, with clear signage for attendees to click through to various parts of the event. The attendees can enter the lobby after login and get welcomed by company videos, photos, and others.

Add A Happy Hour To The Event

A boring event can never bring engagement. It is crucial to make it entertaining for the attendees. Keep a session where they can enjoy live music, magic show, or even a stand-up comedy. While watching, attendees can interact with each other as it happens in a ‘watch party’.

Be A Part Of Live Video Sessions

Sales leaders have tips and sales strategies to share with their executives. The live session broadcast makes them interact with the guests. Our adaptive bitrate streaming enables smooth video streaming even on a low bandwidth connection.

Boost Networking With A Personal Social Wall

Attendees want to share their experience during the sales kick-off event. In e2m OnAir, we have implemented a social wall that behaves similar to Facebook. This is completely personal, and none of the photos or comments go outside. You can keep the attendees engaged with this feature to comment, hashtag colleagues, post-event photos, and even send direct messages.

Analyze Using Moderated Q&A And Polls

The live Q&A module helps attendees ask their questions during a session without interrupting the speaker. Speakers can see the questions from the e2m OnAir app itself and respond based on their convenience. All the questions and answers can be moderated from the CMS by the event admin. Polls from the attendees help the host to understand how successful the event has been.

Keep Competitive Spirit Alive With Gamification

Sales executives always want to win in their jobs. It is equally important to boost their confidence with the leaderboard implementation. There must be points for participation in every session. At the end of the event, the result can indeed make a difference in their later performance. The gamification implemented in the event can give them a competitive edge and give them an extra push to outperform others.

The annual sales kick-off (SKO) meeting is a well established corporate strategy. It allows managers and other sales leaders to infuse motivation in their team. Virtual event platforms have changed the game by making sales kick-offs more engaging with built-in customized features. They also ensure that businesses gain the expected rate of ROI.

For a much more in-depth discussion on this topic, check out our webinar on the subject right here.

If you are planning to host your sales kick-off event and need a virtual boutique platform for the same, do visit us at, schedule a meeting, and we’ll get back to you.

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