Husch Blackwell firm wide Virtual Event was ”exactly what they needed”

Exciting, engaging, and “pretty” – some of the terms that Shana Hoy, the event manager of Husch Blackwell LLP used while describing her experience working with e2m OnAir.

The law firm hosted its first online event, the Firmwide Virtual Event on e2m OnAir from 22nd February 2021 to 11thMarch 2021, and as Shana Hoy said, she got “exactly what she was looking for.”

Shana Hoy, Event Manager at Husch Blackwell LLP, shares her experience working with e2m OnAir during their 3-week virtual event

The Challenge: To offer a real-life experience to a virtual audience

The Firmwide Virtual Event was scheduled for three weeks with about 12 hours per person attendance and three weeks’ worth of content over the period. The event covered sessions on culture, healthcare, and wellness. There were about 1500 attendees who networked and brainstormed new ideas.

Husch Blackwell wanted a virtual event platform that would allow a real-life experience for audience engagement and relationship building. e2m stood out from other virtual event platforms as “it had a visual interest and it took the audience to somewhere else”, as Shana Hoy mentioned.

The Solution: e2m OnAir
Branding and Aesthetics

e2m OnAir was chosen by Husch Blackwell as they were looking for an experience as real as an in-person event. The minute details were taken care of so that the audience got the branding experience right. The overall look including visual impacts, user interface, and logo arrangement in the exhibit hall gave an impression of an onsite event.

The visual effects in the expo hall with the brand color, logo, and other details added to the aesthetic. The cityscape background picture in the exhibit hall made it all the more real and visually appealing. The focus was on these little details, and the e2m interface made the difference.

Customizable Design

The lobby was designed with Husch Blackwell brand colours and logos. As Shana Hoy explained, the e2m team was always available to make the event platform as customizable as possible – “the answer was almost always yes.”

The overall look and feel satisfied the audience of the event, as well as the brand and the event manager. Being able to know what the attendees would like and to come up with surprises to meet their expectations was something in the minds of the event hosts, and e2m succeeded as a virtual event platform.

Evenly Distributed Event

Husch Blackwell did not want to stretch their event to eight hours a day. So, e2m worked with them for three weeks with one or two sessions every day. There were general sessions, wellness sessions, yoga sessions, and more – all kept short with a maximum of one hour-long session. This trend added to the success of the event, especially during a work-from-home environment.

Networking Lounge and Roundtables

There were multiple roundtables where people could network on different topics and themes, and create authentic connections after the event. Sitting at homes in different cities, networking digitally was difficult. And e2m made it possible with its advanced digital experience.

Husch Blackwell and e2m OnAir – The overall experience

The event management team of Husch Blackwell signed the contract with the e2m team in January 2021 for the Firmwide Virtual Event in February. It was their first event with e2m and was signed at a short notice. But e2m OnAir made the event successful meeting all the requirements – big or small.

“Anytime that we had a question or a problem or can we do this, the response (from the e2m team) was yes,” – said Shana Hoy, the event manager. The team of e2m went above and beyond to figure out the possibilities and ensured to make it happen.

Creating a media library that could serve the law firm the way they wanted, or the networking lounge with the table names changing on a daily basis as per sessions were a few of the things that e2m OnAir offered to stand out amidst other virtual event platforms.

Thinking outside the box and shuffling the possibilities was something e2m OnAir dedicatedly worked on and made the event a huge success. If you too are planning to host a virtual event, visit or schedule a demo by clicking here.

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