Must-haves for An Effective Virtual Sales Call

Since face-to-face meetings have become difficult, leaders, salespeople and buyers all over the world are facing significant challenges. Building rapport or influencing first-time buyers have become an issue to deal with.

The new norm is virtual meetings, with its own set of new challenges. Often, the standard solution to structure a virtual event for sales calls does not work, unless there is an exclusive touch to the entire presentation of the online events.

A virtual sales call is way different from video calls:

Your clients might already be familiar with online demos. However, these online demos rarely have the feel of an in-person event.

The setup to create a real-life experience in virtual events demands exceptional presentation, enhanced communication, seamless technology, and effective ways to generate leads.

First impression is the virtual booth!

What attracts your audience in your office is a welcoming lobby. To transform your marketing approach digitally and to move your trade show experience to virtual, creating a visually appealing lobby with interactive booths is crucial.

A virtual booth is the space where you welcome your prospective clients.

To attract an audience and to connect with them, the virtual booths must be aesthetically pleasing with a user-friendly interface. A well thought out virtual booth does not only make your existing clients happy, but also gets you new leads and prospective clients.

How to elevate your virtual booth?

1.1. Aesthetic booth layout

A virtual platform must be attractive to look at. Your booth must be visually pleasing, and must contain important information. The page must be easy to navigate and user-friendly.

2. Engaging content

The motive is to keep the audience engaged during an online event with unique and informative content. Your lobby must contain company video, company profile, and content collateral to not only welcome the audience but also to keep them engaged during the online event.

3. Extensive branding

Your booth must exhibit your brand which your audience would recognize and remember. A virtual booth customized with your company logo, color coordinated, and containing content collateral and video of your organization is an effective branding approach.

4. Effective communication

Your lobby must allow direct conversation with reps or have options to exchange business cards for further communication. There should be options for integrated round table conversations with personalized one-to-one interaction.

An exclusive meeting experience

Any sales company – be it a small team of 40 people or a large insurance firm with over 1000 employees, would like to create an impactful experience that eventually leads them to the meeting.

This experience is created with features like pre-recorded videos showing the company’s profile or a brief by the CEO.

Exclusivity in virtual sales calls

1. Pre-recorded videos

Creating the atmosphere for sales calls is important. In virtual sales calls, pre-recorded videos featuring the company’s profile or the CEO speaking about his company’s mission and vision work well to create the first impression right.

2. Customization

No two customers want the same, but everyone appreciates aesthetics. If the looks can be customized as per the customers’ personal preference, it might work as an effective virtual sales call.


The general idea is to recreate a virtual sales call experience as effective as a real one, to engage customers on a large scale, and to create footprints for your company onto the digital world. This calls for an overall online ambiance that is attractive, interactive, and personalized. A virtual booth is among the first steps towards a successful virtual meeting, and hence maintaining attention of the audience is the key.

If you are planning for your first virtual sales call, and looking for a virtual boutique platform for a seamless digital experience, do visit us at and schedule a meeting. Our team will get back to you for further assistance.

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