Seeding Kerala 2021 Goes Virtual

Seeding Kerala 2021, organized by Blue Mermaid Events, went live on 12th and 13th February on e2m OnAir. The 6th edition of the conference was a seamless digital experience supported by e2m OnAir.

Seeding Kerala, organized by Kerala’s Startup Mission, is all about offering a common platform to the HNI network of Kerala and showcasing opportunities to invest in the most promising startups.

It was the 6th edition of the event this year that brought in leading investors and experts from the Indian Startup ecosystem and senior government officials from the state and central governments together under one virtual platform, to facilitate the initiative to a great success.

As a virtual event platform, e2m OnAir played a vital role in making the event a successful digital experience.

Speakers and Attendees:

There were more than 60 networking tables for Angel Investors with more than 100 startups pitching for their products. Thelive event on e2m was attendedby more than 500 audience and over 30 speakers.

The inaugural address was done by Mr. Kris Gopalakrishnan, the co-founder of Infosys. Addressing the audience, he congratulated the event organizers for creating the platform dedicated to the investors for investing in the industrial ecosystem of Kerala.

There were roundtables with eminent speakers like Mr. G Vijayaraghavan – the Founding CEO of Infopark, Mr. Shan Kadavil and Mr. Mathew Joseph – the co-founders of Fresh To Home.

Mr. Vinay Kynadi, the Chairman of Smart Sparks – The Angel Network Chairman shared his experience of how he started his journey as a casual network and officially became an early stage investor.

The valedictory session was attended by speakers like Mr. Raman Roy – the Chairman and Managing Director of Quatrro Global Services Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Sasi P.M. – the CEO of Kerala Startup Mission, and Mr. Mohammed Y Safirulla IAS – Secretary of Electronics & Information Technology Department. The discussion revolved around the success of the virtual event mentioning the one-to-one interaction and the announcement of investments that went in the favour of the event success.

e2m Features Used:

To make the event a great success, some of the exclusive features of e2m, like Agenda,1-1 Meeting, Networking Zone, Roundtables, Notification, etc. were used.

The virtual lobby was customized with Seeding Kerala banners and logos. The event video playing at the centre offered an in-person experience. The exhibition hall featured customized booths with options to see company profiles, watch videos, start direct conversations with the reps, exchange business cards, and to view and download content collateral for different startups.

The speaker section displayed all the speakers on one page with their names, designations, and company details along with their images. Clicking on a particular speaker section showed his or her biography and details of the sessions he or she would attend.

The attendee section featured the entire list of audiences with their names, designations, and company. One could request and schedule one-to-one interaction with every attendee in the list and the meetings were saved in the calendar.

The sponsors list displayed the sponsor names, contact details, images and logos, and description of the companies.

The networking lounge at the lobby showed multiple roundtables available at the moment with the option to grab a seat to enter any of the networking tables. The roundtables allowed the attendees to join with their camera and audio access. The help desk offered a real-life experience where attendees could ask for live chat support or could fill out a form to let the reps reach out to them later.

The Seeding Kerala event turned out to be a successful virtual event. The speakers, company heads, and angel investors shared their experience of the virtual event on a positive note. Exhibitors and sponsors were also satisfied with the networking and connection to their prospective leads. A huge round of applause for for the amazing digital experience.

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